The Lifetoolz™ Seminar is not about re-programming the mind. It is not about re-wiring our stimulus response mechanisms. It's intention and ultimately its success has been due to the clear and unequivocal focus on the transformation of the individual at the level of Self. Most people exist not in the state of 'Self', but in an untransformed state: a state of Mind.

The Lifetoolz™ Seminar unique in many aspects also incorporates the Socratic method: the artful interrogation that is midwife at the birth of consciousness. However, unlike other types of training, it does not have catharsis as one of its aims. It aims to gently bring the participant to an experience of him or herself which is tantamount to transformation.

Everybody is wired differently but everyone also has a common 'core'. We all have different approaches in the way we live, interact, love and work. We have different wants and needs and different ways in which we feel we need to achieve this.

The versatility of the Lifetoolz™ seminar has been clearly demonstrated by its exceptional success with persons from all over the world.

Its unique approach allows it to be individualised to an extent and so can be adapted to varying tastes and preferences. The fundamental elements of this transformation program are neither diluted nor overlooked and are delivered through a combination of discussion, laughter, data, processes, interactive exercises, bodywork and sharing.

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The Lifetoolz™ Seminar is real, with experience and inspiration.


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