Cyrus J Mehta has been the pioneer in the field of personal transformation trainings in the UAE when he introduced the hugely successful ReikiTECH workshop series in 1993. At the time, he was the only one offering such a dynamic program for personal transformation & professional excellence whilst also 'teaching' a holistic mind-body modality. His clarity of vision and intent has always been, in his words, 'to work with the man on the street', which means, with everyone.

His clarity of vision and professional approach saw his "ReikiTECH" programs receiving the coveted recognition and endorsement by none other than the Middle East's premier institution for quality - the Dubai Quality Group. No other program, of such a nature, has received this recognition to date.

Almost 2000 persons from over 50 different nationalities and from varied walks of life completed The ReikiTECH Workshop. Students, housewives, doctors, businessmen and businesswomen, professionals, engineers, architects, school teachers, psychologists, horse trainers, athletes, advertising/marketing executives - people from just about every walk of life - from age 9 to 90 years old have all interacted with Cyrus.

In a way, it was the encouragement of DQG CEO at the time, Kevin Carty, who, upon participating in his courses, recognized Cyrus' unique communication capability and charisma, and encouraged him to develop programs for 'large numbers of people'. His comment in DQG Quality Quill in March 2000 illustrates this. The new, unique 2-day Lifetoolz™ Seminar developed as a result of that encouragement.

Cyrus' innate sensitivity saw him wondering, even as a child, about the world around him. Yet, while he reveled in the majesty and wonder of the natural world, he also observed, with deep pain, the huge injustices wrought upon a large swath of humanity - disenfranchised, impoverished & marginalized. His work at a refugee camp, over 8 weeks during wartime, in 1971, shook him to the core - this was to influence the rest of his life.

His 'journey', which continues, started in Los Angeles in 1975, where he began to learn and imbibe the essences of various 'esoteric' approaches to body-mind harmony. He recognized that all of them are intrinsically geared to develop the individual as a 'whole'.

Deeply influenced by Werner Erhard who founded the 'est' training (now known as the Landmark Forum) and many famous 'Yogis' from India, he read voraciously and experimented assiduously. This deep and persistent curiosity to know more about himself and the world, propelled him to study numerous approaches to treat our body, mind & spirit. All the various schools of Yoga, Naturopathy, Bio-Chem Cell Salts, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Fasting, Diet and Nutrition to name just a few and he has a Diploma (off-campus) in Naturopathy. His mastery of art-sciences like Reiki, Ki techniques, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy and other energetic healing techniques further augmented his own significant natural abilities. Once he became thorough with the techniques, he chose to share his knowledge, with family and friends, and since 1993, with the general public.

Over the years he has also been sought out as an integrated therapist/wellness and HR consultant where he, incorporating a truly integrative approach and using a gifted intuitive understanding, weaves a custom designed approach for each individual or organization.

Early in his career, he stood out in corporations as a man whose abilities were extraordinary. Even though he quickly became adept in the business world and while he could easily have gone on to receive more recognition, he channeled his energies to a vision that was deeply rooted within him.

And so he used his business skills to set up, in India, from the mid eighties, a technology based company committed to: Eliminating contaminated drinking water in the rural areas of India; Eliminating or reducing human exposure to hazardous environments; Eliminating environmental pollution - on land and sea. This saw his company, JMI, India, representing some of the largest hi-technology organizations in the world and saw him participate at the highest level in the oil, nuclear power and environmental sectors.

Deeply concerned about the issues that face the planet and humanity, Cyrus recognizes that all current problems with Man's "Outer Environment" i.e. conflict between peoples and degradation of the environment stems from a deep malaise in Man's "Inner Environment". His intent is to bring forth a 'shift', within people generally and within those in power specifically, that would empower them to move way from 'ego-based' policies to more 'eco-based' policies.